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Episode 7

The Great Resignation, with Bridgit Parise

Bridgit Parise is the President of Rapport Leadership International. As a self-described nerd at heart, her professional interests lie in the delicate balance between the art and science of business: developing an engaged, performance-oriented culture by utilizing proven business models that strategically set a foundation for success. Bridgit’s capabilities and business acumen include a thorough understanding of how people, processes, and business strategy interlace.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Why Bridgit believes we should have a new term for the phrase The Great Resignation
  • How and why there has been a universal realignment of priorities and values
  • Why managers have commonly avoided having discussions surrounding mental health
  • Why do employers need to begin having more empathy for their employees
  • How focusing on an employees output of work rather than the input of hours can benefit businesses
  • What is causing a compounding effect of employees resigning, and what we should expect moving forward
  • Why do we need to begin looking at employees as individuals within the workplace
  • How The Great Resignation provides companies the chance to build a new infrastructure for remote work


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