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Episode 4

Published on:

6th Jul 2022

Mental Health: Leading with Humanity, with Mitch Gray

Mitch Gray has combined over two decades of experience as a former pastor, life coach, entrepreneur, community developer, and creator to develop a brand of leadership that is at its deepest level- human.

Taking his heart for inspiring others and his passion for empowering leaders, Mitch teaches business leaders how to recruit great people, develop top talent and design empowering culture.

Mitch is the creator and host of The Mitch Gray Show podcast, author, leadership consultant and a highly regarded speaker.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Mitch’s personal history with this elephant and how it has shaped his current mission
  • The spiritual-emotional-mental health connection and how it shows up in the workplace
  • The danger of today’s silence around men and mental health and how you can do you part to improve it 
  • The tell-tale signs of someone dealing with anxiety and depression
  • The danger of merely venting or gossiping when seeking connection
  • How to make an impact for yourself and others by starting with love and leading with your humanity


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