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Episode 11

Published on:

9th Nov 2022

Mediating Decisions with Evidence

Richard Hall, Attorney & Richard is the founder of BottomLine Lawyers PC. He has a unique breadth of experience which has enabled him to meld technology, sophisticated legal analysis, “outside the box” strategies and a collaborative style to create innovative solutions with his clients. Many lawyers come to the law without any practical business experience, and few come with significant management experience. Through serendipity rather than design, he is an exception. His prior business experience afforded him a fast track to complex civil trials and the opportunity to work closely with business clients.

Richard performs pro bono services for several Northern California judicial districts, is a Past President of the Auburn Chamber of Commerce, former Board member of the Downtown Business Association, and member of: Rotary Club of Auburn, Placer County Bar Association, Sacramento Valley Bankruptcy Forum, National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys (NACBA) and American Bankruptcy Institute (ABI). He has also served as California Director for a nationwide bar review and as a lecturer focused on Professional Responsibility. Before attending law, school Richard was an executive in the photographic and real estate industries, and he conducted performance and budget analysis for the US Government’s Amraam missile project. Richard has also served his country and is a veteran of the United States Air Force.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Questions to ask when you are faced with a decision. 
  • How "Service Above Self" motto aligned with mediating Richard's decision along with his relationships, passion projects, evidence needed to confirm choice and path.
  • How One person can make a difference.
  • Why Richard has adopted the term “FUD" and how humans are motivated by it.
  • Biases faced in decision making and who to enlist when faced with an unexpected challenge or opportunity.
  • Reason to talk to a coach


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